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How to Expand Your Business Globally?

Running a business from being a local enterprise to become a nationwide venture is no doubt an impressive feat if the death rate of startups worldwide is anything to go by. But when does a business really become ripe for the international market? Is it a question of assets? Or is it a question of experience? Either of the two is wrong and right in its own way as there is no definite measure of readiness for international business.

Before any business owner can consider expanding business operations across borders and overseas, there are essential steps that must be taken towards achieving that goal. You must first conduct deep research on the target market and come up with statistical facts and figures on your chosen industry. After doing this, you should draw up conclusions as to which is the best market to enter according to the goods and services you intend to offer. The factors to consider when making such a decision include market size, cost efficiency, labor, and resource supply.

With the data compiled from the analysis of your market research, you should be able to draw up a detailed business plan for the countries you intend to penetrate. Each market has its own requirements due to economic, cultural, governmental, and market factors. It is important to draw up a local-centered business plan that drives local success. Draw short-term and long-term market strategies and clearly state the expected goals in order to be able to measure progress.

When a business has been based in a locality or state, the communication barrier between the business and its customers reduces until you stop noticing it at all. But, when you desire to go global, it is only normal to take into cognizance the cultural and lingual difference between you and the international community. To satisfy this difference, you have to read well about the culture of your target audience so as to be able to generate content they can relate to. If you ever get confused on how to generate culturally sensitive content, then you should consult local experts on the best content to suit their people.


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One of the biggest problems faced by brands trying to expand to the international market is the language barrier. If the content on your website is only written in your local language, then there is a higher chance that over 60% of your targeted audience does not understand you. To remedy this, you should contact a company that offers certified translation services in Malaysia to write multiple versions of your website. This is optimized by using location detection tools to determine which language to translate to.

While it feels good to be able to do international business while sitting behind a computer screen or using your mobile device. Nothing equates having firsthand knowledge of the countries in which your business plans to expand to. If you can, take your time to visit these countries and see what life over there looks like. By doing this, you get to understand the needs of such a country in a more personal way. You might even get to discover the solution to a problem that no one has ever solved, who knows?

Another advantage to this is that you can get to forge personal relationships with the local people, build trust with staffs, experts and local business partners. Be sure to capture and showcase such moments as they serve as a credible reference to visitors on your official website.


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Doing business in another man’s land comes with a lot of legal danger. So, it is important that strong legal institutions be put in place to help you avoid unnecessary legal battles against the government or the people of your guest country. Get trustworthy legal solicitors to do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to operational requirements and the tax paying system. Having a solicitor that helps you fulfill all legal documentation processes required for you to operate may cost you some money at first, but it will save you so many penalties later on.

With all of these put in place, you just might be ready to begin international operations.

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