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Products Exhibition: Yay Or Nay?

The term ‘product exhibition’ appears to mean different things to different people. Some see as it as an unnecessary grand display of products that ‘should’ have been advertised. Many others see it for what it really is, a chance to showcase our products to a potential customer base and have them make a few comments and suggestions concerning the product on display. In the real sense of it, any form of activity targeted towards the advertisement and eventual sale of a product is an exhibition in its own way. Hanging a pair of trousers against the glass of a downtown clothes shop is itself a subtle mode of exhibition.

With that being said, it is important that we emphasize the benefits of conducting a proper exhibition of a product or a set of products to any business. First and foremost, the biggest upside to conducting an exhibition is that we get to create a visual experience for buyers and potential buyers. We get to give them the product in its real sense and have them interact with it. This eventually leads to subconscious creation of the most effective means of marketing known to man – word of mouth.

In any business with long-term goals, the importance of customer feedback can never be over-emphasized. This is one out the many things an exhibition has to offer to any enterprise. We get to establish a face to face conversation with customers, sample their opinions and establish a solid relationship. Creating such bonds with numerous customers are sure to generate firm leads for the product in the nearest future.


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Additionally, exhibitions can help growing enterprises portray their product quality or level of expertise to potential buyers who are not in the know of how good your product is. This helps bring your product to a level playing field with bigger competitors whom the customers perceive as yardsticks for expected product quality. Whenever the customers feel out such a product and deem it to be good enough, they become even more willing to exchange contacts or drop business cards for future transactions. As a result of this, one can be able to maintain an up-to-date database of potential customers, and this, in turn, helps us market our product better.

I, personally once had an experience with the unending capabilities of product exhibitions at a beauty company I once worked for. I was a member of the Marketing Strategy team and we were having a hard time trying to find the right way to promote a perfume series our company had just released. A teammate suggested an exhibition at one of the most popular city malls in Kuala Lumpur and recommended that we employ the services of Connect Build, one of the prominent project management companies in Malaysia.


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We did just that, and believe me you, the exhibition was a major success. Through an aggressive social campaign, we were able to garner a decent crowd who fell absolutely in love with the products. That particular brand of perfume has been reported to be the second highest seller for the company after just a year and two months.

As for the original question, I say a very loud yay!

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