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Why You Should Have Software Developers In Company?

Presently, software development is the most critical jobs for business owners in Malaysia. Although the request for developers is no longer an issue, it has detected a substantial increase in the past two years with the emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and block-chain.

The duty of a developer has a significant impact or influence on almost all aspects of life. This explains the reason behind the influx of people into developed areas. This year is going to be an intriguing and substantial year for lots of software developments in many technologies, even though some technologies might end up being feasible and the rest might eventually become dominant.

Some technologies tend to die out rapidly as a result of modern and prompt advancement emerging now and then. It is essential to be knowledgeable about the advancements in high-tech industries and their styles and how they can enhance your enterprise as a Malaysian.


1. Blockchain Technology

It is assumed that the blockchain would practically transform all industries. A lot of industries are continuously debating blockchain development and blockchain –related services. The blockchain is a popular high-tech style because of bitcoin. However, this technology has its use asides bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Almost all the top high-tech industries are getting more involved in the blockchain game, and they are even proposing their own policies based on this technology in order to initiate enactment. IBM launched their own proposals last year, and they are cooperating with the governments, banks, wholesalers and other organizations. Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle are assertive with the blockchain technology.

Blockchain would not only be used for business dealings and currencies. A lot of big technology companies are adopting and hiring lots of employees to work on blockchain power-driven projects. This implies that these industries would require software applications that buttress blockchain and there would be a high request for blockchain developers.


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2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

All industries regard digital transformation as the focal center of their business schemes which helps them to compete in the market. Business directors quote expert systems as the vital operator of digital transformation.

Presently, AI, usually known as Thor’s Hammer is becoming involved in everything. As reported by the prominent analyst firm Gartner, the income generated by AI companies would attain $1.2 trillion towards the end of this year; it was about 70% the previous year. Additionally, the business worth of AI subsidiaries is anticipated to hit $3.9 trillion by 2022.

This plainly depicts that AI would be in vogue for sometimes before the technology becomes dominant. This year, over 40% of industries would use AI to mechanize their businesses.

Organizations enforce AI technology in order to accomplish many job functions to administer excellent services and improve the clients’ experience. Some useful applications of AI are big data, voice-activated home assistants, smartphones, etc. An enthusiastic software developer should always pay attention to machine intelligence development.


3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps are a type of blend between a regular web application and a mobile app. PWAs are not difficult to develop and sustain unlike the standard apps on mobile phones.

The internet/ web viewing software operates a script in the backdrop, isolated from the web page known as the Service Worker. This script is the primary aspect of all the PWA, and it authorizes smart caching, offline services to sites that are frequently visited, background updating, push notifications and lots of other essential constituents.

This implies that the place would quickly come up once it’s visited even if the networking does not. This replica attempts to integrate the merits of the two sectors, the web, and the mobile app, hence providing a new experience for the users.


4. Low-code Development

Despite the fact that the low-code development was recently launched, its technology has developed quickly among enterprises. It produces a quicker means for creating and utilizing enterprise-grade applications.

Lately, Siemens obtained the low-code development company Mendix for $730 million. This obviously proves that the low-code development would trend this 2019 because it is going to beat the common development methods. It permits developers to create software without much competence in coding.


5. Cybersecurity

A study conducted by Alert Logic has proven that 18% of industries stated not less than one security occurrence in the previous year. Cybersecurity experts are mainly interested in safeguarding data loss and leakage (67%), risks of data privacy (61%) and breaches of confidentiality (53%).

The data mentioned above proves that all industries are primarily interested in cyber-security and they are progressively considering the software development industry. This creates favorable circumstances for a web development company.



Our environment is rapidly evolving, and it is of utmost importance for us to be in the know-how. From my own point of view, there is a tendency for these 2019 software developments to be in the lead in years to come, in addition to requiring more than our primary development expertise. Notwithstanding, we should always learn to imbibe new things.


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