Office Interior Design in Malaysia

Tips for Office Interior Design

An office, depending on the design and organization of its content can make or mar the productivity of the occupant. To some, it is merely a room where people sit down to work without any strings attached to it. To other people, an office should be much more than just space for people to work. Whichever one you choose to believe, a badly-designed office is not pleasing to eyes. In order to make an office qualify as well-designed, there are certain aspects that should be updated in the process.


Project Brand Identity

An office, no matter how small or large, should be designed in such a way that it portrays and easily projects the personality of the organization. This way, the design goes a long way to communicate to whoever beholds it. It tells a story. It highlights the most prominent attributes of the organization. For example, adding a couple of framed platinum records on the wall of an office represents music. In lieu of this, it is deemed important that you add objects that project brand identity into your office design.


Impress With Colors

Colors are known to all have different effects on the human mind. The color blue can be used to portray calmness or peace while the red sparks a sense of seriousness and warmth or energy. If the mere sight of these colors to the eyes have such effects on the human mind, it is only normal that color psychology is applied during office interior design as the color combination goes on to tell a story. In the absence of a company color scheme, it is best to make use of other color combinations to pass a message across. However, the best practice for is to apply color psychology while still portraying brand identity. Trying to do this yourself might actually get confusing, so it is best to employ the services of any company known for providing beautiful office interior design in Malaysia.


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Invest In Comfortable Furniture

Have you ever tried sitting on a rigid wooden chair for so long before? What did you observe? Sitting on such a chair becomes uncomfortable after spending a few minutes in one position. Now, imagine if you had to sit on such a chair at your workplace while thinking of the best pitch possible for your upcoming board meeting. Sounds bad, right? That’s why you should invest in furniture that provides a great deal of comfort and does not give you back pain after sitting for long. These kinds of furniture come with adjustable design and are cushioned with foam or any other material to provide maximum comfort. Also, you should put the ease of maintenance of the furniture into proper consideration.


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Create Space

One mistake you should never make when designing the interior of an office is taking up all the space with office furniture and aesthetic elements. No matter what, an office should be decorated in such a way that allows room for you to walk around without bumping your knee into a piece of furniture. Always leave enough space for you and others to move around without any hassle.


Light It Up

The kind of lighting you use in your office goes a long way to affect the mood you’ll get while inside the office. The best form of lighting possible for an office is natural lighting, it brings a refreshing feeling to the body and soul. To achieve this, you have to consider building extensive windows which allow for more light rays to filter into your work-space or to make a glass wall around your office. Glass walls offer the choicest lighting effects in this regard. But of course, there will be times when natural light won’t be available for some reasons. This leaves your office at the mercy of whatever form of internal lighting you choose. In that case, it is best you select lights that have been minimally diffused in order to protect your eyes from excessive brightness.

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