Useful Kitchen Appliances You Overlooked

Getting new appliances for your new swanky kitchen is always an exciting thing. While it is tempting to just order a full appliance suite, there are some useful ones you might miss out on. Here are some amazingly useful kitchen appliances that you might have overlooked.


Induction cooker

While most of us still use traditional gas stoves, induction cookers are actually great for cooking. Using an induction cooker in Malaysia requires significantly less energy while still being more effective in heating things up. Other than that, they also offer much more precise control over the temperature. Induction cookers are also safe as they only heat up the cookware instead of the entire cooktop. Even the surface of the cooker still remains cool to the touch!


Food processor

No, it’s not a blender or mixer. However, it can actually do a little bit of both as well. Getting a food processor in Malaysia makes blending, chopping and grating a breeze with just the press of a button. This is especially useful if you have a family to feed and manually chopping and dicing can be tiring work. You can also use a food processor to make soup purees or hummus for the hipster gourmet. A quick cycle also quickly mixes cold butter with flour for that excellent flaky puff pastry crust.


Ice cream maker

An ice cream maker in Malaysia is definitely not a common sight. Quell your ice cream cravings on a hot afternoon with your own homemade desserts. Ice cream makers are underrated because people think you can only make ice cream with it. In fact, you can even churn out your own sorbet or frozen yoghurt to quench your “froyo” cravings.


Wine chiller

This is compulsory for any aspiring wine connoisseurs out there. A relatively cheap option compared to buying a refrigerator or wine cellar, they are ideal for those wanting to save up on space too. A wine chiller in Malaysia makes sure that your wine stays cool in storage so that it is unaffected by our hot and humid climate. Having the ideal storage conditions can prevent oxidation and change of taste in your wine.


Multipurpose cooker

A multipurpose cooker in Malaysia is the ideal appliance for the no-nonsense person. Combining many different functions in one compact design, a multipurpose cooker is able to perform the tasks of many. Busy chefs can now easily whip up several dishes with this versatile appliance. If you are looking for an appliance that can accommodate a wide range of ingredients, recipes and culinary techniques, then the multipurpose cooker is definitely for you.


Food waste disposer

Last but not least, food waste disposers are the ideal appliance for the environmentally-conscious. Food waste disposers in Malaysia are almost unheard of. These are powerful devices that grind and breakdown food waste to a liquid-like consistency. This makes sure that your pipes and sink will not get clogged up by food chunks.


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