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What To Look For In An Islamic School Before Enrolling Your Kids

As it is a common trend among Malaysian parents to withdraw their wards from public schools to enroll in private international schools due to a general perception of the public schools as ‘not good enough’, one might as well send the kids to a school that teaches both academics and religion altogether.

For Muslim families in Malaysia, getting the right school to enroll the kids might be quite the struggle. People are going to offer a few recommendations here and there that might not sit well with the family especially on religious grounds. In a case like this, the best way out would be to check for certain features from the unending list of schools that may be recommended and carefully choose from them.

There are a handful of such attributes that should come into play when choosing a school, first among them is the curriculum. Private Islamic schools are known to have stronger and better curriculums than public schools. A great example of such a school is Abedeen International School which runs a Malaysian curriculum alongside Cambridge curriculum. Schools such as Abedeen International School train their students to be competent enough to sit for national, international and IGCSE examinations.

It can be said that the major factor behind the rot in the social and moral wellbeing of public-school students is the very fact they exist in an environment that does not do enough to stop them from engaging in social vices like drug use and many others. This flaw is always found to be absent in Islamic private schools as they are known to breed students with close monitoring from teachers and administrators alike. The students are exposed to a community of people with a very high sense of responsibility, self-worth and cultural identity.

Freedom to engage in Islamic activities without facing harassment or mockery comes as part of the total package in Islamic schools. The students can wear hijabs without getting jeered at by their mates, they can also engage in prayer sessions as the same body. This cultivates a general sense of belonging and loyalty to the Muslim community in them. That sense of loyalty leads them to engage more with other children of similar social backgrounds and not the kind of dangerously diverse population of students found in public schools.

Lastly, it is worthy of mention that Islamic schools engage in aggressive teaching of the Quran and the ways of the Holy Prophet through the Hadith. When they undergo such teachings in a controlled environment, it saves the parents the thought of having to hire private Quran tutors and still helps shape the children to become morally upright citizens of their country.

In conclusion, the importance of Islamic private schools to the lives of our children can never be over-emphasized, at least not when I currently have two wards doing very fine religiously and academically as students Abedeen International School. And this all thanks to the Islamically academic environment they’ve been exposed to.

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