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5 Types of Gas Stoves you Must-Have for Your Cooking


As the kitchenware supplier and distributor in Malaysia, Maju Emas understands the importance of having the right cooking equipment. A gas stove is one of the most core components in cooking, and making the decision to choose the right one should not be taken lightly. Depending on your kitchen size and needs, there are many types of gas stoves in the market that may or may not benefit you. Here are 5 types of common gas stoves in Malaysia that you must-have for your cooking needs:


Portable Gas Stove

The portable gas stove is perfect for outdoor cooking, camping, or picnics. Its lightweight and compact build makes the apparatus easy to transport and fit many luggages and bags for trips. This stove is also suitable for small kitchens or for those who live alone, as it doesn’t take up much space for storing.


BBQ Stove Grill

The BBQ stove grill is perfect for those who love having outdoors cookouts or hosting barbeque parties. These stoves are built solid, and it allows you to cook a variety of meats and vegetables at once, giving it the most convenience when cooking large portions. Having a BBQ stove grill at home is perfect for those who seek bonding sessions via cooking with your friends and relatives. This stove is also great for camping or outdoor picnics, however it is inconvenient to carry around and you are better off getting a portable gas stove instead.


Single Burner Gas Stove

Single burner gas stoves are suitable for a variety of individuals and situations. They are perfect for those who live alone, have limited kitchen space, or need a portable cooking option. If you are living in a small apartment, dorm room, or have a small kitchen, a single burner gas stove is a great option as it takes up minimal space and can be easily stored.

For those who live alone or only cook small portions of food, a single burner gas stove is also ideal. It consumes less gas and is perfect for cooking one or two dishes at a time. They also require minimal maintenance making it perfect for those who are also busy. 


Double Burner Gas Stove

If you have a larger family or love hosting dinner parties, a double burner gas stove would be a more practical option. Having two burners, you can cook two dishes simultaneously saving you the time and energy, especially during busy meal times on days or occasions like holiday events. A double burner stove is larger and will heat up faster and distribute the heat more evenly, while a higher output burner will allow you to cook food more quickly. 


Pressure Stove

The pressure stove is perfect for those who want to cook meals quickly and efficiently. It uses pressure to cook food faster and uses less gas in comparison to traditional stoves. Pressure stoves are perfect for anyone who wants to save time and energy in the kitchen. They are particularly useful for people who cook food in large quantities. Depending on the size of the stove, some may even prefer to use it on remote locations such as during camping or traveling. 


Maju Emas, the top ranking kitchenware supplier and distributor in Malaysia, offers a wide range of gas stoves to suit your cooking needs. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, they have the perfect gas stove for you. Visit their online store or website to check out the best collection of gas stoves in Malaysia and other kitchenware products.

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