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Ramadan Catering Ideas for Corporate Iftars

corporate catering

Ramadan is a special month that is observed by Malaysians, it is a time of spiritual reflection, community gatherings and most notably Iftar meals. Iftar is the moment when Muslims break fast during the month of Ramadan in the evening after the sun sets. This is the time when families, friends and even co-workers come together to share meals. For corporate events during Ramadan, companies can make the most out of it by providing creative and delicious food menus for their employees. In this article, we will highlight some of the menu options and catering meals that are perfect for corporate Iftars. 

When it comes to corporate catering, it is important to consider the diversity of your employee’s preferences. Many people have different taste buds or due to certain health conditions have certain restrictions, hence understanding your employees and choosing the type of food is very crucial. Most importantly it is compulsory to make sure that the dietary restrictions is halal. By choosing halal catering, companies can be assured that the food meets the Islamic dietary requirements, which includes the sourcing and preparation of the food. One great idea for the main course is a buffet-style meal that offers a variety of dishes. This not only provides wider selection choices to all employees, at the same time it saves cost by finding a food catering provider that is able to meet the demands of many diverse types of eaters. 

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Appetizers are an essential must-have to start any Iftar meals. Some delicious options for corporate Iftars starter meals would be Ulam-ulaman with Sambal, Fried Samosa and Otak Otak. For those who prefer a lighter option, fresh fruits and salads are also available. Beverages are also an important part of the Iftar meal, and companies can offer a variety of drinks such as fruit juices like Oranges, sweet drinks like Sirap Bandung, Cincau as well as Teh Tarik. 

corporate catering

As for the main dishes, there are many options and the only limit is your creativity. For those looking for an authentic experience, you can consider traditional Malay dishes such as Nasi Kunyit with Golden Sultana & Cashew Nut, Nasi Kerabu Kelantan, Gulai Kawah Kambing and Ayam Masak Merah. These dishes would definitely leave an impression on your employees as they are sticking true to the roots of Ramadan. If you are looking for something more modern instead, you can go for any other cuisine and delicacies such as western or Bento boxes. 

For dessert, there are endless options, some great ideas include customary Kuih Muih as well as mini assorted dodol for those who have a sweet tooth taste. For those who prefer lighter options, fresh fruit platters and sweet dips such as chocolate fondue can also be offered aside from the usual Ramadan dishes. 

Corporate catering during Ramadan is a fantastic way to create better bonding among employees and create a sense of community. By offering creative and delicious menus, companies can show appreciation for their employees and enhance their overall experience. These menu ideas can also be adapted for wedding catering during Ramadan, making it a memorable occasion.

In conclusion, corporate catering during Hari Raya can be a great way to bring employees together to celebrate this special month. By having a variety of diverse dishes, appetizers, beverages, and desserts, companies can create an unforgettable Iftar experience for everyone.