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Automobile Spare Parts That You Didn’t Pay Much Attention To

An automobile, whether old or new is in itself as a system that contains many other systems functioning together, in order to achieve the one general goal – to move. During the course of such complex processes, movement in between the numerous vehicle spare parts leads to many things, chief of which is friction, and resulting wear and tear of parts. Friction is not just all that leads to the ineffectiveness of engine parts, whether it’s a petrol fuel filter engine or diesel fuel filter engine prolonged usage of an engine or automobile parts contribute to such issues too.


6 Automobile Engine Parts That You Might Forget To Replace While Servicing Your Vehicle

Below, you can find various automobile parts that should be replaced at regular intervals and reasons why they should be replaced.


1. Cabin Filter

The cabin filter is usually found under the dashboard or below the glove box. Its main function is to filter the air that enters the cabin of the vehicle. The cabin filer prevents substances like dust particles, grains, pollen and any type of airborne particle from entering the cabin. When this happens for long, the cabin filter becomes clogged with particles and requires a replacement.


2. Power Steering Fluid

Power steering is a mechanical feature that allows you to steer your vehicle’s wheels at a slow speed. The power steering system contains a fluid called the power steering fluid. The power steering fluid provides the power steering system with hydraulic pressure necessary for the effective operation of the system. The power steering fluid levels should be kept at relatively close values over a period of time. After some time, the power steering fluid picks up debris and which makes it due for replacement.


3. Drive Belt

The drive belt is always found on the engine. Sometimes, they come in multiples depending on the engine build. It simply powers your air conditioner, power steering, and alternator. A component with so many systems relying on its functioning has to always work at its best. The belt is always made from rubber which is wearable when in contact with metal surfaces. A worn-out drive belt causes the engine to make unpleasant noises, and it should be immediately replaced.


4. Brake Pads

Every time you bring the vehicle to a halt by hitting the brakes, the brake system is only able to stop the vehicle because there was friction to resist movement between two surfaces. The brake pads continuously wear out and, their motion-hindering abilities reduce along the way. To avoid accidents, brake pads should be replaced the very moment it becomes obvious that they are becoming inefficient.


5. Spark Plugs

The spark plugs in a vehicle’s engine are responsible for generating the spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture that powers the engine to start. Over a period of time, the spark plugs tend to undergo corrosion and will have to be replaced. Inability to do so causes the engine to misfire and, as a result, waste fuel and causes other power issues.


6. Battery

The duty of a battery in a vehicle is basically to power all components that require the flow of electric charges. Ranging from indoor vehicle lights to the headlamps, all these components need to get current from the battery in order to function. A weak battery signifies weak operations in these components.



Some of these parts can be easily replaced without professional help, but a host of others can only be done by professionals. Reading your vehicle engine manual helps you categorize them better in that aspect. More so, it is important to purchase important spare parts for your vehicle when a replacement has to be done.

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