Common House Plumbing Problems

Common House Plumbing Problems & How To Fix Them

It is not uncommon to encounter some plumbing/water system issues every time at home. These issues vary from simple to complex and sometimes degenerate to something even bigger if they are not quickly addressed. This is not to make you hastily contact your plumbing repairs service company next time there’s a leak, but to help you understand the basics behind some of these issues and how they either be prevented or solved.

The most common of these problems are clogged sinks or baths. Once in a while, you might notice that it takes water more time than normal to travel down the drain when sinks or baths are being used. This can be caused by a few mistakes during usage.

Common causes of clogged sinks include prolonged accumulation of oily liquids, forceful drainage of particles or fibrous waste. A quick solution to this includes mixing baking soda and vinegar together before pouring slowly down the drain. This mixture reacts in a way that breaks down the clogs until they flow freely to the disposal tank. An alternative to this is to take out the immediate components of the sink and disassemble them until the particles are located and taken out.


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Another common issue is that of dripping faucets. Apart from the fact that this leads to wastage of water and an unsolicited rise in the water bill, this issue can be very annoying especially when you’re trying to read a book and there’s a faucet leaking with the constant ‘drip’ sound some meters away. A simple way to fix this is to replace the faucet washer and to avoid forcefully turning off the faucet in the future.

Nothing in this world hurts as much as stepping into the shower on a very cold morning only to find that the water heater did not function when it was needed the most. The first step to follow is to check that the temperature setting is high enough to adequately heat up the required amount of water. After this, one should carefully check the water heater for any signs of leakage.

If there is a leakage found, it probably means that the bottom of the heater’s water storage tank has started to rust. When this happens, immediately contact a reputable plumbing company like Boon Chye Plumbing & Electrical Services Malaysia to get your plumbing issue resolved.


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The annual cost of water lost to leaking pipes due to bad plumbing is regularly found to be in hundreds of millions. One leaking pipe in the house can lead to many issues. Some of these issues include water wastage, a sharp drop in water pressure and skyrocketing water bills.

Most cases of leaking pipes are not exactly easy to fix by yourself. The best thing to do would be to come up with a way of minimizing the wastage. This might involve the shutting of a few controllers to cut off the water supply to the leaking section. After this, you can go ahead to place that call to your plumbing services company.

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