Control Panel Services for Installation

What is an electrical control panel?

The electrical control panel is designed and used for mechanical operation. Each device is designed to place specific equipment and includes devices that allow the operator to operate the specified equipment.

In each region, the electrical panel controlled each device. It is difficult to explain all the possible combinations because every industry and most companies prioritize ingredients.

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Control Panel Settings

The installation must be in compliance with all relevant national laws and regulations (NEC, IEC, EN, etc.) and local electrical.

  • The need for electrical test equipment and facilities, such as a maintenance blower, is an issue that has been overlooked with larger control panels installation. Working with your power supplier to locate offers closest to what you need will result in significant savings in cost and supplies.
  • The next step in installing the control panel will be to find the location for the panel after designing it. Determine the dimensions of exterior doors and cabinet for turnover requirements. It is best to have sufficient space for the test vehicle to roll over the open door area to reduce maintenance inefficiency and other hidden costs during maintenance.
  • Control panels are usually close to the operation area. High ambient temperatures may require air conditioning or ventilation on the cabinet, all with filters that require maintenance. Otherwise, an additional heater or dehumidifier may be required.
  • Look for vents and air intakes to retain backup filters and ensure that the process does not interfere; Not necessarily useful when the ventilation hole in the fume hood absorbs air from the aluminium fuser
  • The opacity of the supplied wire may be misleading if specifications are not divided into separate measurements.
  • You can place an overcurrent protection device (OCPD) on the control panel or place an overcurrent protector in front of the control panel.
  • NEC requires each control panel to be labelled with a short circuit current rating (SCCR).
  • Look for grounding procedures


A standard skilled cabinet should have reasonably arranged wires running in a gutter or conduit, arranged only by smooth curves of the cable radius and free from sharp turns and turns. It must clearly identify all cables, components and terminals. When installations require maintenance and troubleshooting, we cannot emphasize the importance of acoustic labelling techniques. It saves you time searching for mistakes and finally relieves you of stress. H Tech Engineering has a great deal of qualified and experienced experts to provide you with the right services which makes it the best system integrator in Malaysia that many accreditation agencies certify all our trainers. Make sure to keep up with relevant regulations and industry best practices.

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