The Best CCTV Cameras Supplier In Malaysia

What has been an almost common fixture in every shop, pub, multi-level car park and various public areas in Malaysia is CCTV cameras. As technology continues to impress us and it only gets easier to install, prices are also beginning to be more on the affordable end — making CCTV cameras more accessible for a range of household income groups. Commonly known and popular for security-conscious home and office-space owners, you too can purchase the best CCTV camera from Belco Security.

Long-esteemed security system supplier in Malaysia, Belco offers a range from one wired camera with a night-vision range of 5 metres, to even a vandal-proof camera. Depending on your concerns, as a home-owner of an employer to an amazing sacred office space, there are some equipment that ought to be accompanied with the best CCTV camera just for you. For instance, connectors and a digital video recorder (DVR) to secure, store and watch the recorded footage are absolute necessities.

Knowing What CCTV Camera Is Best For You

Simply a line of defence against mindless crimes, CCTV cameras function best when it is paired with other security systems including burglar alarms, door and window locks, and the circumference of your property built with gravel, and security lights, among the few. As the leading supplier of security systems in Malaysia, Belco does not fall short on any of these items.

Belco offers the best CCTV cameras and various other equipment, alongside professional and skilled installation services.

The IP CCTV system is one of the cameras that Belco offers and it requires your own network or internet portal (IP) to send images to your computer’s router, in return, access is given to you for the footage over the internet from any remote locations.

Another piece of technology offered by Belco is the wireless home security cameras which sends images to your computer, tablet or mobile phone just by the use of analogue or digital technology. Others may even take it further and allow it to link to an app that you can use to monitor your home whenever you are out and wherever you are.

Before you decide to get the best CCTV camera for the outside of your property, be sure it complies with privacy laws which entails how your cameras must not be pointed at public spaces, or other people’s houses or properties.

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