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Basic Hardware Tools for Every Household

Moving to a new home can be quite exciting, especially when it is your house and not a rented apartment. More often than not, what this means is that you’re no longer a tenant to any landlord, but a landlord yourself. Being your own landlord comes with some duties. There would be no one else to worry about broken pipes or electrical faults but you. In order to deal with some of these simple maintenance issues, you’d have to own a few useful hardware tools. These tools are readily available for purchase from any reputable hardware supplier in Malaysia.


The Hardware Tools That You Probably Need


1. Claw Hammer

First among such tools is the claw hammer. This tool is known to be able to serve two purposes at once. It has a flat, round or rectangular hammerhead which can be used to drive nails into wood, concrete or furniture pieces. The hammerhead can also be used to hit any object or surface if need be. On the other side of the claw hammer, there is the claw itself. With a prominent V-shaped hollow that can hold objects in between it, the claw can be used to remove nails without necessarily damaging them in the process. The importance of the claw hammer can never really be over-emphasized.


2. Screwdriver Set

It is not uncommon to see electrical fittings go bad once in a while. Be it a socket or a bulb switch, you are going to need a screwdriver set in order to fix such. A complete screwdriver set comes with a screwdriver and many detachable heads. This allows one the option of changing until a suitable head is found to unscrew or tighten a screw as the case may be. With a good screwdriver set lying around, you just might be able to fix up your basic electrical faults without having to spend more money.


3. Vice Grip & Plier

In the process of trying to fix some of these faults, you are going to need a piece of equipment to hold some objects in place. Depending on the size and nature of the object to be held, one would have to choose between a vice grip and a plier. These instruments help you hold other objects tight and in place when the need arises. A plier helps to hold much smaller objects like wires or nails in place, while a vice grip helps hold larger objects (especially metals) steady.


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4. Drill

Driving nails or screws through a spot can be much more difficult than normal. Concrete walls, for example, might be hard to drive a nail through. The solution to this would be to use a drill. Drills come in different forms, some are with cords and some are cordless. Cordless drills offer more mobility and allow you to drill without plugging to electricity. Using a drill makes it even easier to make holes in walls before a screw or nail is used.


5. Ladder

Replacing a bad bulb or, retouching a badly painted wall might be impossible to do without a ladder. So, yes you should have a ladder around. But, be careful not to leave ladders around fences so criminals wouldn’t be able to use them for shady acts.


6. Torpedo Level

It might pass off as fun to naturally assume ‘balance’ for household pieces when they are being arranged. But it is even more fun to do it the right way. A torpedo level helps balance objects well when they are being arranged. It saves the stress of having to strain necks to look at a few objects hanging around the house.


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7. Tape Measures

Whether or not you know the ‘approximate’ dimensions of objects around the house, the safest bet is to measure with a tape measure. The wrong length of wood cut out in order to fix a furniture problem might lead to wastage. But, accurate measurements are known to be advantageous during such exercises.



A host of many other tools are known to be useful for household maintenance. They are best gotten from any reputable hardware supplier in Malaysia.

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