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Should You Install A CCTV System In Your Office?

The above question is known to constantly disturb the minds of many office owners and heads of private corporate organizations. A CCTV system is effective CCTV security system. But the major question should be, should you spend that much amount of money to secure your company? Absolutely yes! The reasons behind this affirmative answer are not far-fetched. At any point in time, an office complex contains important equipment and documents that, if stolen, could spell danger for the enterprise.

An effective CCTV security system is a subtle, yet powerful way of telling intruders to “Please, back off!” from your property. According to statistics, offices without CCTV security systems in place are 2.7 times more risk of being attacked by criminals than others with a security system in place. Even in the case of a building being monitored by human security guards, the surveillance provided by the security system can successfully help the security guards monitor any movement in other parts of the building.

It is common knowledge that offices and factory complexes are prone to accidents due to human error or equipment malfunction. In event of such an accident, a CCTV surveillance system is the best solution and makes it possible to spot, isolate and resolve such accidents before total damage is done to the building in general. The most commonly prevented type of industrial accident through this means is a fire accident that starts off from a part of the building, especially the secluded parts where there is little or no presence of staff to raise an alarm.

A CCTV security system doesn’t just protect a building from intruders or any other form of attack, they are crucial to saving lives in unexpected situations too. Have you ever imagined what it would look like if an employee suffers a cardiac arrest or asthma attack at a very lonely part of the building? Such an incident, if not quickly spotted and attended to, might lead to grave injury or eventual death of the employee. Such a medical emergency can be easily located from by the surveillance team or personnel if a CCTV system is put in place.

Employees, no matter how desperate they get, never ever want to get caught on camera stealing or checking out important documents from an office with restricted access as that could spell eventual job loss or sanction to such employee. The presence of a camera in such a room is the major deterrent to such crimes.

Notwithstanding, no matter how bad the need to get a CCTV surveillance system gets, it is of utmost importance to choose carefully when signing off the contract to the installation company. Seeking the opinion of a few acquaintances does not hurt. I can personally suggest you try to contact Cynics Solution, a reputable cctv camera manufacturing and installation company based in Malaysia for your CCTV solutions.

Now I ask again, should you install a CCTV system in your office? Want to get peace of mind for your office security?

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