Burglar Proof Your House

Tips On How To Burglar Proof Your House

In the year 2016, the Malaysian Federal Police Crime Detection and Community Safety Department released a report on the increasing crime rates in the country as witnessed in the first quarter of 2016. In the report, a total of 38,877 property crimes were said to have been committed. 6,662 of these crimes were reported to be house break-ins while others were crimes involving motorcycles and cars.

This is just one out of many proofs of the high rate of burglary cases in Malaysian homes. Fortunately, there are a few effective ways of deterring such occurrences by putting certain measures in place.

The first of all measures to take is to avoid tall landscape elements that may provide shade in case a criminal tries to hide in between. It is normal for one to want to keep tall, beautiful flowers and hedges in order to beautify the environment, but ugliness could reside in such a beauty when criminals decide to strike.

If you have such a landscape in place already, you should consider cutting it down or trimming to the best height possible. Meanwhile, you should also ensure that tree branches never get close enough to vulnerable windows or balconies, as criminals can explore such an avenue to break in.

Another security measure whose importance can never be exaggerated is the importance of locked doors and windows. Most times, people generally forget to lock doors and windows after opening them in a bid to let in fresh air. This is as good as sending an open invitation to burglars who never think twice before exploring such an opening.

If it is necessary that you leave some doors and windows open even when you’re away from home, then you should consider installing a wireless security alarm system that notifies you whenever someone approaches such an opening. Get yours from Belco Malaysia.

Over the past centuries, dogs have been found to be a reliable measure towards warding off intruders from a designated territory. In view of this, it is not out of place to get a security dog to watch over your home area even when you’re far away. Burglars too are humans who would never want to be bitten by an aggressive dog.

With all that being said, it is important to make mention of one of the best modern security measures ever known – installation of CCTV cameras. It is best to keep the points of installation of these cameras as secretive as possible in case an intruder tries to play smart by shutting the view of some cameras.

But it is best to contact professional CCTV installation companies like Belco Security Systems Malaysia for the best installation services available. A CCTV security system offers real-time video feeds on every activity taking place in the surrounding. Some specific CCTV systems are known to have burglar alarm systems that get set off when there is a break-in attempt or when strange movement is detected at very odd periods of the day.

Putting all these measures in place doesn’t guarantee total security, but it goes a long way to keep our lives and properties safer than ever.

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